Best 2 Factor Authentication plugin (2FA) for WordPress

I was gonna write my second post about personal branding but then I thought: what would happen to my personal branding if my personal blog was hacked and F^#*&^$cked up gibberish and hateful content was displayed on my personal website?

That would be a disaster and I know this because I’ve had a company website hacked by Eastern invaders 10 years ago which did a lot of damage. I’ve learned the hard way that popular CMS-systems are a hot target for spreading malware and other evil stuff.

So security is key and one of the main things to watch is your login security. Implement 2FA on your personal accounts if you haven’t done so yet! The link shows how to do this on your Google, Linkedin, etc accounts. It’s in Dutch but also has some English YouTube links which you can follow.

Knowing that the best thing for personal account security is implementing 2FA I thought that before doing any other posts I would check if 2FA is also available for my WordPress site. ‘The answer is yes!’

So I tried three 2FA plugins that I’d like to share with you.  Here goes my rundown. I’ll start with my favorite, the one I used and kept activated to save you the time of reading through all of this post.

Number 1 two factor authentication plugin for WordPress

Two Factor Authentication

Con1: Fairly low activated count at the moment of writing

Pro1: It works like a charm.
Pro2: No clutter, no bull
Pro3: It sets you off on the wrong foot a little because it warns you about the time zone set in WordPress which might confuse syncing between code-creation server and WordPress server..  That can be dangerous because it might shut you out of login. But it has a fancy control-mechanism to check if your code generator is in sync with WordPress. And after checking it seems to warn for something that is not a problem at all in this use-case, so still a pro 🙂

Runnerup Shield Security: invalid barcode

Shield Security

Con1: After quite some time I got to scanning the barcode and it gave me an unsolvable error: invalid barcode. Nothing to find on forums and no patience of course. This leads to the second con ..
Con2: Does not work ..

No Pro, the promise looked very nice, and maybe it was a temp flaw because they do have super-high user rating.

3rd place for Wordfence security: go Premium ..

Wordfence Security

Con1: You have to pay for the feature

Pro1: Has the feature, might work
Pro2: Has over 2 million installations, but I doubt they’re all paid and thus able to use the 2FA feature.

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