Personal branding 3: Who viewed my LinkedIn profile?

linkedin free vs paid

Do you have a LinkedIn profile and browse other users now and again? I do and I assume lots of other people do too.

Did you know some LinkedIn members get a daily digest of who visited their profile? When you click on a profile you leave a timestamp saying: ‘I’ve been here today, I checked you out’

linkedin free vs paid

Premium LinkedIn members can see who visited their profile. See how this and other premium features work on LinkedIn.

I see the ”Go Premium” advertisement daily and it got me wondering. What is that about? Should I, at least, give it a try? I did it, and here goes the low down so you can decide if LinkedIn Premium is the right thing for you too.

How many people are Premium LinkedIn users?

My educated guess on the basis of their financials, is that about 0.3% of LinkedIn members have a paid premium subscription. That looks very small and it is. LinkedIn wants this to be an exclusive perk with a rather steep pricetag. (Check out more cool stats about LinkedIn.) Pricing info is stated at the end of this post, but do not skip what’s inbetween ..

The big social networks have the potential to reach nearly all of humanity, and LinkedIn is doing a great job at that. The network now has over 500 million users, about 6.6 % of all people on our planet.

You do the math, this amounts to over 1.5 million paid users. Every premium member pays around 40 euro or dollars a month, which adds up to roughly 60 million a month. Nice huh?


Sidenote: for this post I looked up how many people we are at the moment at the moment: a staggering 7.5 billion, the counter which adds a city of 100,000 a day is especially impressive.



What do I see when I’m LinkedIn Premium?

I signed up so that I could share my experience with you. I’ll give you a few examples of what you can do with LinkedIn Premium. The Premium Insights are very helpful for conducting my personal branding experiment. I see all kinds of nice stats about my reach and the popularity of my personal brand. The premium gadgets are highlighted with the golden LinkedIn logo on, so I know what I am missing when I switch back to the 1 in a million blue LinkedIn logo.

Who viewed my LinkedIn profile?

This is just plain fun. While everyone must assume some anonymity while checking everyone out, there is no such thing if you’re premium. You can set up to be anonymous on Linkedin though, but few people do this. When you are building your personal brand, do not up your privacy settings too high, because this might become counterproductive!

There is no reason for not showing you are interested in people’s profile, so don’t worry about this. Still if you value to your privacy online then review your privacy settings on LinkedIn and change what can be seen, even from a Premium perspective! If  you are also concerned with the security of your LinkedIn account, please review my post on two factor authentication (in Dutch).

You might wonder if Gravatar (from my previous post about consistency in online branding) works on Linkedin? No it does not. The big social networks like to act as a Gravatar in their own right. Services like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn therefore don’t, and probably never will support Gravatars.

Contacting people outside your LinkedIn network

When you are growing your business or career you sometimes need people outside of your current contacts to network with. If you view someone’s profile and there is no connect button visible you are not connected.

While on Premium you get 15 outside calls 😉 You can send anyone an Inmail, like Satya Nadella, the current Microsoft CEO or perhaps you would like to reach out to Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO.. I just tried to connect to Jeff as part of my experiment, but no luck in the last 2 hours, days, …,  will keep you updated ..

Employee count and tenure @yourworkplace …

Personnel count and growth or decline say a lot about a company and can therefore be very useful information to have. One can use it to assess if an organisation is a match for employment. Business owners can see if the company is on the same corporate level. Too much variance in scale can complicate business deals as you are not on the same scale-page.

Get to know your potential business partners or employers! When you do you know what they look for and maybe you can shape your own online performance to accommodate to your potential professional partners. This is what my personal branding journey is all about. (Check out how I started this blog)

As a Premium member you get access to employment statistics.

This is otherwise obtainable, but LinkedIn has the objective, inside figures which a company might not want to reveal. Check out the picture to see what this looks like. Premium members can check this out for any organisation.

For the employee stats to match reality, LinkedIn needs to be the local number 1 professional network. For example in Japan this is not the case. The Japanese use Facebook to manage not only their personal friendships but also to manage (and conceal) their professional relationships. Otherwise their boss might think they are looking for a new job ..

LinkedIn Premium pricing

If you like the features go ahead and check it out. First month is free, after that be ready to empty your pockets! It will set you back around € 500,- a year. That’s a lot of money but it all depends on your background whether you can get a return on your investment.

If you’re simply curious then just check it out for a free month. Maybe after the first thirty days you are sailing onwards to other interesting stuff. If so cancel your membership but make sure to do it in time to prevent unwanted debit on your bank account.

So when I see your golden membership logo one of these days, I’ll know you are tasting the golden LinkedIn Premium fruit 🙂

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