Personal branding 1: Introduction to my experiment

How did I get here?

So I’ll tell you how I got here. Last year on the 12th of november 2016 I was attending an alumni meeting at Tilburg University where, a decade ago, I got my Master’s Degree in Economic Psychology. I enrolled in a workshop regarding personal branding.  The session was given by another a former student of Tilburg University: Ilja van den Bos.

Shifting focus

At the time I was arranging my exit from a long standing ICT-support business. I was handing over my business operations to a business companion and looking for a new career perspective for the the years to come. I could really relate to what Ilja had brought to the table in the workshop. Eight months ago she inspired me to write this blog and to merge some of her personal branding expertise with my own technical perspective and web expertise.

It maybe somewhat late to start branding my personality at 42 years of age. However life long learning is standard now so here I go. I want to take you on my journey of making this Personal Branding a success, using insights from a technical, behavioral and marketing point of view ..

Scared to start a blog

If you are interested in creating your own personal brand, just follow my lead: create a blog and elaborate on what excites you on a regular basis! I will share with you everything that I came across and hopefully you can enjoy your own personal branding without the hassle it took me.

To be totally honest it was not just a hassle but also something that has to do with shame and modesty and courage. I was not brought up to put myself in the spotlight. But these days this is absolutely necessary to make an impact online.

I was a bit scared to put my name and my insights out there, open to public scrutiny .. This is a generation thing I guess, young people I know proliferate their online presence as if it were the most common thing you can do. This is logical because they had internet in their cribs ..

A brand needs consistency

Back to the central storyline here. After I got my name registered and set up a cheap personal website via my favorite hostingprovider HostingDiscounter on WordPress I went on to have a (semi)-professional picture taken by Tobias Suir during his Photo Terrace Project near our house in Den Bosch. A personal brand needs to be recognizable. Therefore you need a photo that is the same across multiple platforms where you will be active to spread your content to fuel your brand.

Recently I’ve become active on more and more websites and it has become a drag to upload my picture. Sometimes there are so many boundaries like image size, format and color that it can just take too much of your time. So how can you save time and work towards maintaining a consistent online brand with your photo? Use an avatar for visual recognition, or better still use a gravatar, your globally recognized avatar. More on this topic in my next blog coming soon.

Update: blogging takes time, I deviated on a security post regarding 2FA, I will REALLY get to writing about the (gr)avatars tomorrow

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