Personal branding 2: Create online consistency with Gravatar

Hi everyone, today I will review Gravatar for consistency of your personal brand. At times you probably see on the internet that some people have a consistent image next to their posts right? And some people do not .., you wanna be the one that does? Keep reading!

But first let me thank you so much for contributing to my personal branding experiment. My first post was announced on Linkedin and it got over 500 views! That is just an amazing number in this phase of my experiment. I will keep at it and hope you will join and benefit from my journey.

A brand needs consistency

For any brand to be successful, it needs to be consistent, on the inside (which I will come back to), but also on the outside. This is also true when it comes to personal branding. You need to put yourself out there and when you do, make sure your visuals are synchronized.

So how do you make sure that anywhere you post, like, share and what not, the same photograph shows? One way is to manually upload the same picture on every platform and website that you are active on. But there is a better and less time-consuming way to do this.


Review Gravatar: pros & cons

Gravatar is a service which enables you to upload up to four pictures of yourself for different rated content. If you do not work in the adult industry you can settle with the same picture for all four categories. The service then follows you wherever you post something. It does so with the email-address you registered on sign up.

This prevents you from having to upload your pic again and again. If you by accident get a few years older and decide you want a more business-like approach .. Get into your best suit, upload a new pic and all of your posts will represent your new image.

This is how Gravatar presents itself:

I was able to review Gravatar and here are the ups and downs I found:

Pros using Gravatar

  1. Consistency.
  2. More credibility to your personal brand than an empty or anonymous picture.
  3. Less work uploading pictures and profile information.

Cons using gravatar

  1. Your photograph spreads around the web wherever you go. That might not be what you want.
  2. Gravatar slows down websites a bit, so the service might be disabled here and there.
  3. Privacy: there is a central log of all your visits around the web held by Gravatar. However this no different to what Facebook or Google log about you.
  4. This photo feature is also offered by the big three tech-companies (MS, Apple, FB) as part of their ‘Log in with’ feature as seen on many websites around the web. Gravatar however is the only service automatically enabled on WordPress websites. This is important if you grow your brand via (WordPress) blogs.

How do I get started?

There are a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the Gravatar website and register your e-mail with a picture.
  2. If you wish, add verified social profiles and even cryptocurrency addresses: maybe someone will share a bitcoin with you 🙂
  3. Now on (almost) every WordPress site and other Gravatar enabled sites the same pic is showed to viewers.
  4. Check out my profile page to see what all of the internet will see once you have registered.
  5. A small picture appears next to nearly all of your posts and replies. This looks a lot like this: Reply with Gravatar

Do my friends or business contacts use Gravatar?

When you have an email-address check if someone uses Gravatar. Check this on the website You fill in the email-address and it will check for, and show, the associated Gravatar-pic(s).

If you want to check their profile just go to and fill in their full name after the url, you will then get to their profile.

Explain the name Gravatar

The G, R an A stand for Globally Recognized Avatar. An avatar is a picture representing you online. These are mostly anonymous and funny looking drawings that help you separate User1 from User2. Gravatar is an enhanced version of the avatar. Here’s a link to Wikipedia explaining Gravatar far better than I could if you want all the ins and outs.

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